Metering for the Information Age

SBS is a leading provider of end-to-end sub-metering solutions and meter data management
for large multi-residential, commercial and apartment buildings.


Multi-residential metering

Measure and manage electricity use in apartment buildings, retirement villages, commercial properties, airports and shopping centres. Whether you manage one building or a portfolio we have a solution that is right for you.

Multi-utility embedded meter networks

Separately meter individual units in a building for their electricity, water, gas and air conditioning use. Combine with our Tenant Billing and Energy Management packages for an end-to-end tenant billing solution and to drive energy efficiency.

Serviced hot water

For new and retrofit apartment buildings. Hot water on a pay-as-you-use basis.

Utility water metering

NB-IoT-enabled interval data logger for water utilities. Attaches to most existing water meters transforming them into 'smart' meters.

Tenant billing

Tenant billing services for our embedded network customers. Building owners may on-sell electricity to their tenants, where they choose to do so, and act as an energy retailer.

Energy management

Identify buildings that underperform compared with similar buildings and pinpoint where improvements can be made. Save operating costs through optimising energy usage.

NABERS and Green Star ratings

These voluntary sustainability rating systems for buildings in Australia indicate how energy efficient a building is. Buildings with a higher NABERS star rating are easier to sell and also more likely to attract federal Government tenants.

Metering as a Service

SBS is pleased to offer finance options to qualifying customers. We call it Metering as a Service. It helps property developers and building owners spread the cost of metering infrastructure and services over time.

and services

Embedded Networks

Many building owners and tenants are now chosing to install sub-meters. These record the exact amount of electricity used by each unit. Sub-meters allow tenants to pay for their own consumption and shift the risk of price increases from the building owner to the user. Read more

  • Electricity, water, gas and A/C
  • Fairly apportion costs
  • Incentivise savings


Online automatic meter reading system - for buildings where the owners provide metered utilities to tenants

  • Automatically collect time of use and half-hour interval data
  • Export data to external billing agents or for offline analysis
  • Long-term data storage
  • Reporting and grahical analysis
  • Secure, web-based access
  • Support for any type of meter
  • API for external integration

Smart Meters & Communications

Electricity Meters
EDMI meter
Wireless IoT data loggers
Heat and A/C Meters
Kamstrup meter
Smart Water Meters
Kamstrup meter
Kamstrup meter



Residential Apartment Buildings




Commercial and Retail Buildings


Government and Institutional




Energy and
Water Utilities


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Remote Rural

Energy management for agri-business in remote rural locations.

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